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The Path We Take… Roxy’s Story

One of the questions I get asked most often is “how do I become a camp director?”
There are also variations, like “how do I do what you do?”, “which degree is the best choice if I want to become a camp director?”, and my personal favourite “how do I, well… how do I become you?” (we laughed, and bonded, and now we’re pals!)
But there’s no easy answer to any of those questions. I tell people all the time that there’s no “right” degree to take to become a great camp director – while recreation management is the obvious choice and is usually at the top of my list if they NEED an answer… I always tell people that one of the beautiful things about camp is the unique backgrounds that everyone has, and the amazing diversity that brings to our programs.

SO, I decided to explore that concept a little further and reach out to some of the friends and colleagues that I respect the most in the camping industry and find out how THEY got to where they are… what their path was.

For our inaugural post in this series I chose a good friend of mine, and an AMAZING camp director Roxy Peterson. I met Roxy back in 2009 when we sat on a board together. He is one of the most passionate camping professionals I’ve ever met, and just a genuinely nice person.

Enjoy reading Roxy’s story and wonderful advice. I know I did!

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