A Fun New Accessory

Oh hi friends! Fancy meetin’ you here!

I just finished my second camper session and my fourth week of camp all together. The weather’s been a bit chilly but overall it’s been a blast!!

I wanted to take a second to share a super brilliant (if I may say so myself) camp director hack with you.

Okay, so, know how you need to carry a crap ton of stuff with you around all day? Such as:

  • Your cellphone
  • A walkie talkie
  • A small notebook to jot down reminders (for meetings, to do lists, etc)
  • A pen/pencil/crayon (something to write with)
  • A bazillian keys
  • Gloves (if you don’t carry them, you should start)
  • Snacks (or is that just me?)
  • I also end up carrying around the camp cordless phone a lot too

While a lot of camp staff rock fanny packs, and somehow make them look “cool”, but if you’re like me and you were a child of the 80’s/ teen of the 90’s, you just can’t ever bring yourself to wear one (in a serious way, anyway – I’ll regularly rock one for my alter ego’s costume “super dork” for super hero theme days … anyone else noticing a theme in names that I give myself? hmm… might be something to think about)

Super Dork

Others wear the one strap, triangle backpacks – which are great! But they’re so big that I know I would just keep filling it up with stuff and end up lugging my entire office around all day.
I’m totally one of those people who has a large purse and I carry around everything I own, every time I ask someone to pass me my bag they act like they’re trying to lift Thor’s Hammer.
I know my weaknesses.


*Pro tip – when I was a counsellor (in the days before everyone and their 7 year old cousin had a cell phone)  I used to carry a bunch of crap in my sports bra; lighters, SwissArmy knife, coil of twine, emergency (flip) cellphone, small notebook (the pens, etc. lived in my hair) … lumpy boobs = great look! But more importantly keeping sharp, flammable, potentially carcinogenic items in your bra probably isn’t a great life choice… so learn from my mistakes and don’t do that. Find an alternative storage place.

Enter the FlipBelt!

I discovered it while I was looking for something to hold  my keys, phone, IPod, etc. while running (cause, ya know, I’m TOTALLY a runner now… have I mentioned that I run… yep, I’ve become “that guy gal” peh hehe)

Anyway, it’s super awesome and I actually did love it while I was running so I figured I’d try it out for camp, and I did, and guess what… IT FITS ALL THE THINGS!!

Sometimes when I put the actual cordless phone in it, it gets a bit bulky, but otherwise it’s great! Nothing falls out, it never slips, and I can’t put TOO many things in there…

I’m in love.

Also, you’re welcome.



Hope everyone is having an amazing summer/ pre-summer. Feel free to comment below about all of the crap you carry around with you at camp and what you use to hold it.

Also, this is not a sponsored post… although I would totally be into that. haha

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2 thoughts on “A Fun New Accessory

  1. I am in need of something like this – your post came at a great time! 🙂


    • I’m in love with it Fleck! I totally recommend it (if that wasn’t already evident in the entire post I wrote about it.. hahaha)


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