Picture this… Registration Woes to Registration Whoa’s!

Paperless RegistrationOhhh la la!

We just switched over (after 3 years of me begging, pleading, and stomping my feet in frustration) from paper applications to an electronic registration system and it’s pretty much life changing.

The two photos above are what my first day of registration looked like last year vs this year. Wowza right?

I’m not going to recommend one system over another, because I don’t have enough information to do that, but I will strongly recommend electronic registration systems in general.  I’m saving so much time not having to enter each application in manually… and reporting has become so much easier… oh the reporting!!

So whether you’re a new director, an old director, or a someday director – set your sights on an electronic system (if your camp is still living in the dark ages like mine was). Even if it takes 3 years to convince everyone else that you’re right – it’s totally worth the fight challenge.

What are some tools you use to make your life easier? Tell me about them in the comment section below.

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